Equine Essential Oils - EQUIOIL ®

Equine Essential Oils - EQUIOIL ®


Carrot Seed and Tea Tree

Carrot seedTea treeCarrot seed essential oil  is a great  oil which helps in  rebuilding. Tea Tree essential oil is known as the world’s most natural anti-bacterial and also has balsamic properties which will ease and sooth the chest and encourages the natural defences of the body.  Tea Tree & Carrot seed Equioil essential oil blend is a wonderful  for mites, itchy skin, mane & tail which in the Equioil hoof oil  is effective for  improving hoof quality.


LavenderLavender essential oil is a natural fly repellent and is a very effective calmer. Lavender is cellular renewal oil which encourages cellular renewal process thereby aiding the body to heal itself.


PeppermintPeppermint oil is a refreshing oil which helps with  stiffness. Peppermint is possessed with “hot and cold”   properties and is a genuinely great oil that relaxes your horse and a good way  to help their well-being.  Equioil peppermint is really brilliant when using as a massage oil as the heating properties help with stiffness and tight muscles and as a after excerise wash has lovely cooling down properties.

Chamomile Roman

ChamomileChamomile Roman essential oil has a lovely woody aroma which is soothing and comforting, is a very good for moisturizing the skin and coat and is known for its relaxing properties.  Chamomile Roman Equioil shampoo gives a winning show shine in the ring and arena.